This may be my final post till next school year (unless I find more BS to post about). I made this piece for a school project where we were supposed to make an artpiece in the style of of of the art movements/artists we had learned about that year. I’ll include the write-up/explanation for your pleasure, so enjoy. (Please excuse the poor image quality. I would’ve taken better photos, but I let a teacher have it and thus I no longer have access to it)

Humanities, 6


     I chose the pop art movement since I felt that the movement was extremely applicable to our modern era where mass consumerism has become a worldwide ideal. Also, the principle of questioning what things in our daily life can be considered art has always interested me. More specifically, I chose to follow Roy Lichestenstien’s style since I found it to be interesting in the way it simplifies forms into spaces of flat color with specific lines to delineate details. With this piece, I was trying to copy Lichtenstein’s style, but instead of using a comic panel I wanted to use a film still that conveyed similarly intense drama to posit that even blockbuster action movies could be considered art. Using this principle, I decided to use the iconic scene from Dirty Harry where the camera looks down the titular character’s .44 magnum as Clint Eastwood says, “You’ve Gotta’ Ask Yourself A Question: ‘Do I Feel Lucky?’ Well, Do Ya…Punk?” I made the piece by first making a “comified” sketch of the film still and modifying the quote to be “Well, do you feel lucky, punk?” similar to how Lichtenstein changed the text from the original comic panels to better fit his own works. Additionally, I added a gun the shoots a “bang” flag, a cartoon staple, to further emphasize the comic book aspect and to incorporate an onomatopoeia (this also seen in the title of the work as “Bang!,” similar to Lichtenstein’s naming conventions).