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Hello, we have started a journalism website in which we are working to raise awareness to detrimental problems in our society and share topics and issues we are passionate about. We are looking for more people to submit articles, photography and even art pieces for us to publish on our website about problems that YOU feel need to be adressed. We are a group of high school students, who were originally looking for an outlet to talk about all the problems we see in the world around us. We are looking for talented young writers and artists to work with us and we hope you would be one of us! Please take the chance to be a part of this family, we promise we’re a super supportive community!

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We encourage all students interested in entering artwork to check out the top of the resources page (or the drop down above) on how and what to submit along with some tips and pointers. Those of you who are below the age of 13, please have your parents contact us.