Our Projects

We have been working on a few projects that we hope will interest you as well. These projects have been inspired by our hobbies and interests which include writing, creating stories, as well as giving our viewpoints a voice. We would love and appreciate support from anyone who is seeing this, and please leave suggestions for us.

Our Novel!

We both love writing and creating stories and what better way to put those interests into action other than writing our OWN novel? We have decided to write our own book addressing issues like psychological disorders and everyday troubles. We are putting a twist on this book by writing it from 2 different perspectives within the same person, as we are both different authors! We are so very excited to continue working on this, and we want to bring it to all of you as soon as possible. We really hope you will enjoy the novel, and we’re sure the wait will be worth it! Follow our journey on wattpad @aspiringjournalists

Sneak peak at our prologue!

Her head was spinning. She could feel the biting wind tearing up her face and hear the blood thrumming in her ears. Thump thump thump. She looked down at her long toned legs beating the ground to the beat of her racing heart. She couldn’t feel them.So tiny yet so strong from years of living in harsh conditions, and even as the pulsing, fades it felt like there were a thousands of needles pounding their way out of her head.  She could feel her sweat—an icy stream dripping it’s way down her back—as she crashed through the greenery, turning down alleyways, not daring to look back. Her vision was a blur of fiery  tears mixed with sweat burning a trail down her face. She ducked around a corner, and stopped suddenly at the sight of the brick wall towering in front of her, the sudden stop pushing her forward onto her hands and knees. Just like that the adrenaline was gone. She struck the ground with a deafening ]thud. She felt as though her body was torn in half, screaming in pain. The poor child, forced to grow up too soon, began to sob. She had half a mind to put pressure on  the blood pooling around her feet but even that was nothing compared to the bolt of fear she felt as she heard the bullet click into place and heard the trigger being pulled. There was a shot fired in the distance but her vision was already blurred and her shock to even muster the energy to scream as a bullet lodged itself onto her shoulder and the darkness called to her. Her mind screamed at her to stay awake, that she must. That maybe she still had a chance to escape but she was so damn tired! She called out to the darkness, darkness, darkness, my friend. Free me from this life, help me let go. But god didn’t have the mercy to let her end, no. God, who looked upon her in scorn, who had watched as her mother died and stood idly by as thousands of people were thrown into poverty, smiled upon her. But perhaps he would grant her this small mercy as the darkness embraced her with open arms.

She was in a small room, there was a bed propped against the wall taking up half of the cramped space. It was all she could afford to give her mom the utmost comfort. The doctor had left a few hours ago, or maybe it had been minutes, the days blurred into months and pretty soon her mother’s hand was slowly cooling beneath my fingers. She had died in her sleep, a peaceful death, but her life was never peaceful. She had left her home in hopes for a new, better life but found the cruel world that awaited her, folding her into its arms. Her mother was born, a wonderful kind-hearted person who always made sure there was food on the table and warm water running in the sink. She sacrificed everything for her daughter, and eventually she began to fade away.  A piece of her died that night died that night, but something else awoke in her as well–born out of rage and grief, it was that day that the darkness became my friend and my enemy, for it consumed my mother and burned her spirit in its ravages, but it was with those ashes that a new person was born from and their soul split into two pieces pieces, one slaved by darkness and the other remained in the light. It wasn’t until I realized what it meant, that I began to fear my life and what I had become.

She woke up with a pounding headache and winced as she heard more than felt, her knees scraped against the concrete and she was flung on the steps, nearly biting through her lip to keep from screaming as her ribs cracked from the impact. 


“My lord, we found her.” 

Her body was aching down to her bones. Spots of red and black  consumed her vision and the world spun around her. She felt a throbbing in her head and reached up to touch her forehead, her eyes widening at the sight of her red soaked fingertips. 

“My lord…” said the guard.

“Yes,” said the man sitting atop a throne, bedecked in jewels that the girl was sure could have been as much as the state of New York. 

“It’s just…. well it’s just that she’s just a kid , what  value does she have to you?” the guard stuttered, cowering in his own ignorance.

“She may be small now, but she will grow up to be a star. Now take her away and get her cleaned up!”

They dragged her away, but even today, what he said bothers me, She will be a star. A star. A star. And with that I was passed out on the ground, though I had no recollection of being brought to this luxurious bedroom in the first place.


Creative Workshops

We have decided that in order to bring our community of like-minded journalists together so that we may learn and grow from one another, we will host Creative Workshops virtually over Zoom. This week we will have Writing, the next week will be Art, and so one and so forth. We have decided to hold these workshops so that we can communicate with each other and get to know one another. After all, we are fellow journalists!


About what we will cover:

During the Creative Workshops, we will have some fun ice-breakers to get to know each other as well as some lessons about 1 or 2 topics, and discussions about the lessons too.

In our 1st Writing Workshop, we will have a couple of “get-to-know-you” games which will be a lot of fun, we promise! We will also have a short lesson on finding research, a short lesson covering bibliographies, and a short lesson over constructive criticism.

In our 1st Art Workshop, which will be held the week after, we will learn how to make a beautiful illusion piece with a strong message.

For the art workshop, held the week after the Writing Workshop you will need the following materials:

– 1 piece of printer/computer paper

– A marker (preferably thin)


Another thing!

We would request that all participants keep their cameras on, unless you feel uncomfortable, and keep their mikes on so that we can interact better. This is because in the future, we hope to have physical meetings with you guys so we would like to get to know you before those. Thank you!

Please practice “Net-tiquette”

– Wear appropriate clothing

– Limit background noises

– No use of foul language

– Stay on task, you won’t be bored!

Aspiring Journalists

Our goal is to create a safe and sound enviornment for young, like minds to come together and work toward a common cause. This cause is to raise awareness and bring change to the overlooked problems around the world. Teenagers often feel that they have no voice, with this website we hope we can change that.We urge each and every one of you to come together, and join us in this mission, so that we may bring a difference upon the issues of our community. Submit all kinds of artwork to raise awareness on the problems YOU think deserve to be heard. Jpin us on our journey, step by step, with your help, we can change the world. Join us.

Before submitting your masterpieces, please refer to the Resources Page and to the top of the Home Page to see the different categories for your artworks to fall under. Please remember that we are students just like you, and we understand the difficulties that come with such projects, so we are here for you in any way. We will support you and feel free to ask us questions at the bottom of the Home Page, or DM us @AspiringJournalistOfficial. Thank you! We love you all!😘

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

We know that you have a spark, if not a raging fire, of creativity within you. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of our hectic and chaotic lives, we have little time to nurture this spark, and sometimes it is stamped out by our dull lives. We are determined to ignite this spark through a creative workshop which we have designed. This workshop will cover writing tips, storytelling skills, art ideas, craft inspirations, and much more. We know that due to COVID-19, it will be inadvisable to meet up for this workshop, so we are planning on hosting an online workshop via Zoom, and we will bring the creativity to your homes. We would really love to meet you all and learn and grow together. Please do join us!

Our Blog!

In addition, we have decided to create a blog to voice some of the many concerns people in our area deal with each and every day. There are many social injustices and wrongs being inflicted on our community, and it is our job, as the next generation of the community, to put an end to these issues. We may not have all the resources, we may be young, we may be overlooked, but we will not let these factors come in the way of voicing our opinions. Our blog serves as a safe space for aspiring journalists such as you and I to talk about the issues that we, and others of our community, face and to take a stand. Will you join us in taking a small step to change the world?

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