Calling All Aspiring Journalists

We encourage aspiring teenage journalists to come join us. Proper reporting is not necessarily a one person job. We want to create a community of young journalists to feel in control of their writing. To report things close to their heart of the matters that they feel no one listens to.

“Be passionate in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

We encourage all young readers to come forward with information and articles, poems and artworks of their own. We believe in you, believe in yourself!

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Attention all artists! Our names are Claire Miller and Amberly Clark. We are currently classmates at PESH, currently enrolled in the international baccalaureate program at school. Our goal for this blog is to inform the Dallas population on the problems in our area that are not always talked about. We hope to open the eyes of our fellow citizens in hopes that they see the world in a different light. We love to read and write and watch Netflix like any other teenager. We would love to see new and aspiring journalists contact us with topics and ideas. We built this as a platform for all aspiring artists to learn and express. Please see contact information below if you wish to speak to us.

What About Artists?

We acknowledge that not ever single one of you is a fan of writing. Not to fear, you have not been left out! An important part of journalism is the art displayed in certain pieces. If you look at the tabs at the top of the screen, you may see the art gallery with a drop down menu.  We encourage artists, photographers, dancers, and all other artists to submit videos and pictures of their work. We are here for you if you have any questions, and do not hold yourself back! 

This website is a platform for all young journalists to be confident, learn, and write. Journalism is the practice of informing the citizens of this world about what goes on in it. We encourage all young writers to feel safe on this website and be confident enough to pursue their hopes and dreams here with us. We want to create a safe community for underage journalists including ourselves. We are students too, which is why this website exsists for everyone who wants to join this safe and loving community. 

Amberly Clark

Website Administator/Author

From The Blog

“Take the risk or lose the chance.”

The Reality of a Women’s World

The Reality of a Women’s World

Modern day society is deeply rooted in victim blaming. We have unfortunately created a broken system where women first scrutinized for their clothes and actions before even receiving the help and support they need. This poem describes the sad realty of many sexual assault survivors and serves as a message to society to do better.

Advocate for Change

Advocate for Change

Change is the law of life. Nothing is perfect and everything needs evolution, improvements, and change either on a smaller level or a bigger level. Each organization, institution, community, and even the smallest unit, citizens, need changes from time to time. As time passes by, everyone’s perspective of understanding the world keeps evolving, and then they see the flaws and need for changes in this world. Most of them ignore it, but those who get concerned about it and wish to implement the changes are called Changemakers, an unbiased community that seeks the betterment of the society going beyond the barriers of caste, race, region, and religion.

Land of the Beaten and Home of the Self Righteous

Land of the Beaten and Home of the Self Righteous

The generational trauma of my ancestors Still store themselves within my teenage mind. I flinch at sudden movements of a cis white male And begin reciting my eulogy through my head. I did not get the chance to message my mother goodbye.
“Go back to where you came from!” already forgetting That their foundation was built upon the backs of The beated, bruised, and dark skinned.


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