I am a rising Senior at Reedy High School interested in pursuing a career in architectural design and environmentally sustainable architecture. The idea of creating a natural space out of architecture and art is very important for connecting communities and building with natural beauty. I aspire to use both my artistic and architectural skills to achieve my goal of creating renewable spaces to increase the quality of life for communities and nature.

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I pen down the psychological problems to be precise, faced by the people of today’s generation. I concentrate on the issues dealt with women to be accurate. It’s not feminism It’s humanism. I hope this platform would voice out these issues and create awareness about them.
Thank You.

Naomi Smith

Hi, my name is Naomi smith. I am a rising 9th grader next year, and I started doing art because it was relaxing and helped clear my head. I submitted my art because it is what I love and I wanted to raise awareness and contribute to the blm movement.

Felix Frost

Felix Frost

I am a 7th grader at Rice Middle School and I love to draw, read, and play sports and video games! I joined this project because I wanted to show that the youth of the community can make a difference! I want to raise awareness for overlooked problems through my creative expressions.