Fear of Change….Leads to oppression?

By Amberly Clark


Racism is a problem rooted in ancient history, but what is racism? Racism, by definition is “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior,” but the underlying cause of what racism really is, is the fear of something different than oneself. I believe that it is fear, more specifically, the fear of change that sparked the violence, we recognize as racism. Fear is the root of a majority of the problems we face, however the absence of fear would be catastrophic.  Neurologically, our brains register a change as an aberration, an error that must be corrected before the very life that we live in,presumably, crumbles beneath us. People now more than ever need to realize that we are more than our skin color, and where we come from, that African Americans, are not an error that must be corrected. 

Recently there had been protest upon protest, for black lives. But some may have us believe they are riots, riots incited by the hurt and the wronged. The fight for black lives have dated back centuries, where we hear stories of prejudice, discrimination and violence directed thoward those who makes us fear our lives. We cannot continue ro react this way towards those who change the norms in the protective bubble in which we live. Others may say that that the murder of George Floyd was an acident, a mishap, product of a heart attack, not cold-blooded murder worthy of the first degree. I am here to educate you with the truth. 

All people have fears, it is not uncommon for a police officer to have the fear of change, fear that their lives may change forever. Citizens in California are 4 times more likely to be shot and killed as a result of police brutality than citizens than residents in New York. The constant state of fear in the lives of citizens and Police alike result in the kind of violence that can ruin a person’s life for good. According to an article called “How Fear Contributes to Cops’ USe oF Deadly force,” written in 2019. Fear of those who are different is a constant and unfortunately common fear, making citizen deaths at the hands of the police nearly 1000 a year when countries like Britain and Germany range to around 10. Police, given the authority and the ability to shoot on sight gives them a sense of security, and plants the seed of thoughts that makes that ok. 

Black lives matter, yes, without a doubt. The lives of countless African Americans are in danger simply because our nation is too stubborn to allow change, and for that, we should feel shame for our nation. However one thing we should never forget, is that the black lives matter is more than just number one trending on instagram and twitter. Black lives matter, is a problem in society no one should have to face, and as time goes on we should strive to no longer protest death, but to celebrate life. Fear is something that can, and must be overcome, in order for our country as a whole, to once again be peaceful.

As people go on protesting it is important to remember that those of us who are not black, allow those who are, the space and time to speak their minds. It is important  that we allow them to remain on the front lines and forever remain behind them. We must remember that we have not been wronged, and speaking for those who have, will only take away the platform they so desperately seek.  We must provide the means, platforms and the voice to speak up, because at the end of the day, we get to go home, and they may not. 

A recent census confirms that the white people make up around 64 percent of the population while african americans reach a mere 24%.Those who have a different skin color are no different than those of us who walk home from school. They ride the bus back from work,  they have families. Those who are different do not deserve to be oppressed, so why is it that those of us who have everything continue to frown upon and even go as far as to execute those who are different. When do these children stop being innocent children and graduate to scary?


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