My name is Khushi Naresh. Just another teenage girl from India who aspires to be a writer someday. I have always wanted to to spread to social awareness through my work and this website is perfect for it as it allows us to be aware about all the problems in the society and most of the writers here are teenagers which is the most beautiful part of it. I also aspire to become a doctor someday because I really love to help people . I love to voice my opinions in the way of a poem or an article. Hope you all will like my work.

Other Authors

Miheeka Bagla

Miheeka Bagla

Hi! I am Miheeka Bagla. I am a 14 year old girl, from India. I really enjoy writing poetry and painting. I think Aspiring Journalists provides a great platform for thought-provoking content and I’m very glad to be a part of it.

Dhyana Vyas

Hi! My name is Dimaira Patel.I’m 14,from India.Well we know that it’s easy to know anything but difficult to understand.Menstruation is one of the most sensitive topic in the society.
I’m here to talk about the same.Every time the same question struck my mind how can a god gift be considered as impure…?

Saanvi Sharma

Hey, I’m Saanvi. Just another normal teenager. Every day as youngsters we hear from our peers about all these problems. I’m Saanvi Sharma from India. Body shaming is a worldwide issue right now. I’d like to submit my thoughts to aspiring journalists as they are doing a great job provoking teenagers against such problems.