Every person and couple on Earth should have the have rights, adopt children, and walk in public together without fear or discrimination. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. LGBTQ couples have a much more difficult time doing these basic rights than heterosexual couples. The LGBTQ community deserves the same rights, such as marriage and adoption, without discrimination throughout the world.

Marriage for all people is a basic right. Same-sex marriage is legally performed and approved nationwide in 28 countries out of 195. The only difference between this type of marriage and the type legally performed and recognized in the entire world is the gender of the two people in love. Same-sex marriage was only legalized in all 50 states in the United States in the Supreme Court in June 2015. That was when the ruling of 5-4 in the Obergefell v. Hodges case because of the Fourteenth Amendment requires all 50 states to approve same-sex marriage. However, these actions to legalize same-sex marriage still needs to happen in the other 167 countries. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights refers to marriage as men and women, not a man and a woman. Therefore, the union between two people of any orientation or gender for that matter should be allowed without opposition.

Adoption should not be such a hurdle for LGBTQ people, but it is a greater obstacle for them opposed to an opposite-sex couple. On June 26, 2017, the Supreme Court reversed a ruling and ordered all states to treat same-sex couples equally in America. However, adoption by same-sex couples is only legal in 27 countries and other territories. Adoption is a popular choice for LGBTQ people to have a chance at raising children. One reason is that the couple wants a child to have a loving home and a family. Additionally, having the child being biologically related to one of the parents is extremely expensive, especially for male couples. Many fees and operations are involved if a same-sex couple wants a biologically related child, so many choose to adopt. When LGBTQ couples adopt or even foster, one or more children are being cared for and taken out of the foster care system. Since there are over 100,000 children waiting to be adopted in the United States alone, adopting is extremely beneficial to the kids in foster care. Adopting children should be a procedure any person no matter their orientation or gender identity can do without legal issues. When LGBTQ people adopt, it is only beneficial, and there should be more support to improve the public opinion and in courts.

Some people are opposed to same-sex couples and marriage because they find it abnormal, but according to Bruce Bagemihl, homosexual behavior occurs in at least 450 different kinds of animals all over the world in every major geographic region. Additionally, homosexuality was determined not a mental illness or sickness in 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) which was a big milestone for LGBTQ equality. It was considered as a mental illness because LGBTQ people deviated from the “normal” way of society. Some people think that marriage is just for a man and a woman, but things can change. As an example, before the 1920s, women could not vote in the United States until a big change occurred. Another opposition to same-sex marriage is because of religious reasons, but that depends on each individual. However, having a religion that does not support LGBTQ does not mean same-sex couples should be discriminated against or not have the ability to be married.

Many people who oppose the idea of LGBTQ parenting is because a child needs to grow up with a mother and father. But what about single mothers and fathers? They would encounter the same idea. Since same-sex couples cannot have children together biologically, opponents think that they should not be able to be parents. However, infertile women or men cannot biologically reproduce together either. With that logic, it would be thought that they should not be parents either. Furthermore, this argument does not consider the person’s actual abilities to parent as a person. LGBTQ couples wanting to adopt should go through the exact same processes as a herterosexual couple would in every country. A study from Cornell University and the New England Journal of Medicine found that a gay or lesbian parents do not harm the child and that the children have no difference in mental health compared to children raised by heterosexual parents. Finally, a fear many people have who are opposed to a same-sex couple raising a child is that the child will also be LGBTQ themself. However, there is no increase in the number of children who identify as LGBTQ. Therefore, this arguement is not a vaild reason to prevent LGBTQ couples from adopting.

Marriage and adoption has been a battle for LGBTQ couples, but it should be equal now all over the world. The families and happiness can be achieved in the minorities of society. Some people feel entitled to their own opinion and want to express them, but those opinions are contributing to laws against LGBTQ people and their rights. Imagine if the government took away the right to be yourself. LGBTQ people should have the chance to experience a bond with their partner and have an easy opportunity to raise children without fighting for that opportunity.

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