My top 5 Learnings from the COVID Year- 2020-21 – By Miheeka Bagla 

  1. Hygiene 

Not, just me, 

But in fact everybody, 

Has finally realised the importance of Hygiene, 

To stay spick-spack and clean! 

And all thanks to COVID-19 

  1. Technology 

Imagine where we would be  

In this pandemic without technology? 

Imagine not even being able to communicate online! 

Everybody would just constantly whine!!! 

The importance and quick use of technology 

Is something we have all very well learnt in 2020! 

  1. Family 

Something that sticks with us through thick and thin 

Through pandemics like this, help to come out and win 

Something that really doesn’t need more of a description 

A place where one always gets love and affection! 

To realise the true meaning of that feeling 

Is something that in 2020 we have started learning! 

  1. Hobbies 

When has one ever gotten so much time, 

To be passionate about what they are passionate? 

To draw, cook, create or rhyme? 

To do the few things that they really want to do 

For which they keep trying to borrow time 

But lands up on that list titled “Later” everytime 

2020 has taught us to do what we want to do 

That our hobbies matter too.. 

  1. To Be Grateful 

When have we ever thought, 

“Oh how lucky I truly am to go to school and eat out 

To meet my friends and roam about!” 

When we realised that these little things is what we actually wanted 2020 taught us, and taught well indeed, 

To not take things for granted!


We take pride in helping those who are in need. Please take into account the below information and share if needed

Suicide Prevention (Click to Expand)

(800) 273-8255 is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

To learn how you can make a difference in suicide prevention visit or  or 

You can also learn more about the cause of suicide from the National Alliance on Mental Illness at 

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It’s really hard trying to understand what’s going on in a suicidal person’s mind. Their thoughts seem absurd to us that we often choose to neglect them thinking that it’s “just a phase” or “they’ll get over it” or “they’re just angry” or “they can’t be serious”, mind you this is the worst decision we’ve been making, instead let’s show them that they are significant, loved and cared for, let’s try to understand their point of views and stop criticism.. avoid using harsh words around them because for them these words are so loud that it causes chaos in their heads.