Working Hard Has It’s Limits

By Cierra Fields

Jim Rohn said, “Take care of your body. It is the only place you have left to live.” Do you ever struggle with exercising or feel a bit tired and drained out? This may be because the muscles inside your body are aching, stiff, and heavy. This may be because you do not get enough rest! Ultimately this may be because you overtrain.

Some may say that you can never work too hard. This may be true in some cases, but for the most part, there is a limit to everything. Being committed to something you are passionate about is definitely something to be proud of. When you work hard and do your absolute best on something, that is definitely a good work ethic and something that a passionate person would do. However, overtraining or working TOO hard on something is not the right path to go.

Overtraining is when an athlete trains more than their body can handle, to the point where an athlete is facing problems, and requiring their body to recover from overworking it. Overtraining is a big problem that many do not realize or know about. As humans, we are all brainwashed into hearing that there is never a limit to working hard. However, that is obviously not true, no matter what others say. When athletes have reached the “mark of overtraining” according to Gina Kolata it turns into, “The harder they train, the worse they do.” Overtraining is a problem rarely noticed, even here in the city of Dallas. People in Dallas, TX overtrain and don’t realize the problems it causes while being an athlete. 

Overtraining is not studied as much, and there is very little research out there about this topic. Therefore, it is a topic that more need to know about and more people need to know the many ways that it can affect an athlete or even just an average person. Even someone who is not an athlete can experience overworking, or pushing yourself constantly to do something that your body just can not handle. The term “overworking” can apply to anyone no matter who you are. If you overwork your body constantly it is obviously not healthy for you. 

This problem is barely recognized by many, however, it is a problem that can greatly affect an individual’s health in a bad way. Overall, working hard has a limit, and if you go over the limit; it has consequences. Now, don’t let this discourage you to not work hard and do your best on everything. Just keep in mind to work hard only to the point where your body can handle it. Overtraining can be avoidable. You can tweak your routine, limit other factors such as stress, keep track of your health/ nutrition, etc. There are so many ways you can prevent this problem from destroying your health and your body! Therefore, work hard, pursue your passion, and strive for the best of YOUR ABILITY!

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