When you think of air pollution or even smoggy cities, you might think of areas such as Beijing and New Delhi, but have you ever considered how polluted our very own city of Dallas is? Dallas has a high level of air pollution due to greenhouse gases and car emissions. We, as people of the city of Dallas, can help change this problem. Let’s take a deeper dive into this problem and see what we can do to change things.


Our city’s roads are packed with vehicles that are emitting harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxide and other greenhouse gases that lead to respiratory issues as well as the “smoggy views” of Dallas. The reason for most of the ozone emission in Dallas, is due to vehicles, according to Regional Data of North Central Texas. This means that all of the vehicles on the road we see daily, all of those automobiles and cars are all depleting the “good” ozone that is protecting us.


One of the main reasons that we, as a human people, aren’t being cooked alive under the sun is due to the ozone in the atmosphere that protects us. According to NASA, “Most ozone resides in the stratosphere (a layer of the atmosphere between 10 and 40 km above us), where it acts as a shield to protect Earth’s surface from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. With a weakening of this shield, we would be more susceptible to skin cancer, cataracts and impaired immune systems.” We are essentially creating holes in our atmosphere, in our ozone, the very ozone that protects us from the harms of the sun. Weare bringing this upon ourselves and it is time for a change.


Texas, as the whole world practically knows, is quite hot! Especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, ozone in the air worsens when the outer climate is warm or hot, and in The Great State of Texas, that means almost all of the time! According to one source, “Pollution from traffic, industry, and other sources, combined with high temperatures and stagnant air conditions of the summer months, make North Central Texas an ideal incubator for ground-level ozone.” We must limit these pollutants so that our city is not impacted negatively, and before the problem worsens.


Another harmful impact due to all of the air pollution in our city is respiratory issues. Due to the smog and dirty air that many Dallas residents have to breathe, there is a sharp increase in breathing and lung problems in citizens in Dallas. By our own unsustainable choices — the choices we make each and every day — we are putting our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters, and even ourselves, at risk of any of these problems.


So how can we fix the problem? Well, the first thing we need to do is that we must bring more awareness to this problem. Our government and people in power only take action when a problem is significant enough to take action for. This is why I am writing this article. You too can raise awareness for this problem. You can share this article to at least 5 other people you know, you can post about this problem on your social media platforms, you can donate to the cause, or you can even write your own article addressing the issue under this website. You can make a difference in our city. It’s now or never.





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