I do not like the term
Trees symbolize death to me
instead of life.

How many more of
my brothers and sister must
wear a necklace of rope tied
to a tree for one to understand that
this is an issue?

Instead, they blame such acts on
a mental illness.
A mental disorder in which they treat
as if it is nonexistent.
As if it is nothing more than sadness
that will be cured as time passed.

Funny how our world says time heals
when we’re still trapped in 1954
leaving it to teenagers and college students
to still fix a corrupted government.

People say it was long ago,
but that was only 66 years ago!
Most people still have their grandparents
and great grandparents in their lives.

This is not a new issue.
This is the realization of the blind.
The cries of the mute.
The sounds of the deaf.
The crimes of criminals
they allowed to roam free.

The tears of colored men and women who fought
just to get a sip of water
flows within our veins.

Their apologies
“I am sorry I let you down.”
now moves us to do better for
future generations to come!

We will succeed where many failed
for that is our calling.
A generation of anxious children
now curling their knuckles.

Iron-blooded they stand
before adults armed with tear gas
and weapons.

Iron-willed they chant peacefully;
voices lifting like angels
of gospels.

Beauty lies within colors.
Beauty lies within tearful eyes
and sore throats.
Beauty lies within change.

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Land of the Beaten and Home of the Self Righteous

Land of the Beaten and Home of the Self Righteous

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“Go back to where you came from!” already forgetting That their foundation was built upon the backs of The beated, bruised, and dark skinned.