-god gifted but still impure


I hope you readers might have understood what I’m talking about.Yes! You got it right.I know that this topic is common these days.Now people don’t get shy to talk about this.And I think there is nothing to get shy about.

After saying all this still there is a thorn that always hurts.When we hear the so called superstitions made by don’t know who?Have you ever thought about it?

Firstly,when I had entered this phase I got to know about so many rules which are even worst than my school rules.I heard my mom telling me not to step in the store room and too in the religious places.Why? Just because  we carry that impure blood?

 And if we enter an area where we are not allowed then one more sin is added to our list only because we are going through menstruation.People only say that this is god gifted.If god himself is pure then how can this gift be  impure?

Just because we are dealing with menstruation cycle dosen’t mean that entering the temple is a sin.I mean who made these rules.I don’t know  whether the god sent a letter to our ancestors or he came on the earth in the form of person and told you about the menstruation rules.

Usually there is so much of dirt in the temple itself. Did anyone notice that?”No,this is a normal dirt, it’s  fine.”If it was god gifted then why did he gifted us something impure.

Now  slowly…. I don’t know why even we have accepted it. This is what I don’t like about us.I just feel sad that without knowing,I am following these rules,not knowing where they come from,who made these ??????????



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