Lack of Health Care For Low Income Workers

By Oliver Banson

Dallas is a bright and glamorous city, but that’s only the outside. The inside of the city however is rotting quickly and will continue to do so if nothing is changed. One of the biggest problems of the city is the lack of citizen improvement in the area of healthcare. Many of Dallas’s lower tier citizens cannot afford health insurance or afford to take sick days of their work. The city’s lower class citizens are slowly moving into poverty and homelessness while the city council looks on and does nothing. It is time something was done to help those who need it the most in Dallas

According to the Texas Medical Association, Texas has the least amount of medically insured citizens in all of the USA. That’s around 5 million Texans all across the state! No surprise is that the biggest contributions to these numbers come from Dallas and other major cities across the state. To make it worse, most of the people uninsured are those who are lower class citizens in the state. These people are people who have to go to jobs everyday just to make sure their families can eat and they are the ones who try to avoid hospitals because of the bills. This makes their condition even worse as they have to go to work even when they’re sick and when they are sick they can’t afford to go to the hospital and get proper treatment which could make them more sick and more prone to getting more sick.

According to the Dallas News, this isn’t all Dallas’s fault. Dallas is a growing city and needs to invest in roads, schools and other necessary infrastructure.  It doesn’t help to hear that Texas has been listed as one of the least states to give aid to their cities which makes it worse as Dallas can’t spend as much as it needs to because of lack of funding  allowing it to do a fraction of what is needed. This is slowing the city’s descent into poverty, but isn’t stopping it. Our state is pushing for annual tax revenue caps, which helps the state in general but is a devastating blow to major cities such as Houston and Dallas causing increased amounts of poverty.

As spikes go up in poverty and current COVID-19 infections increase measures to help the lower income people in Dallas are needed more than ever. In fact, a measure to require companies and businesses to pay employees while they are on sick leave fell short in the state legislature along with another measure to increase minimum wage in major cities of Dallas Houston and San Antonio also fell short of the votes needed to put it in place. The DCHHS or Dallas County Health and Human Services also has reported that the number of physicians in Dallas are shrinking. Something must be done to help those who need it the most whether at the state or city level.

However, improvements are coming slowly, but are still coming. DCHHS has implemented a new program allowing vaccine immunizations for children whose parents have low income for free or at a lowered cost. Other and new measures are working on being passed and Dallas seems to have finally recognized the need for better medical care. However these are only small steps and there is a long way to go. That is the goal for this article, to bring awareness to this problem so that the public knows what’s happening and what it needs to do. It is our turn to help those who cannot help themselves from simple things from raising awareness to helping those who need it physically it all counts.



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